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We recommend a full service once a year to keep your spa in a healthy condition. This annual service provides peace of mind in the knowledge that your spa has been professionally cleaned and every working aspect inspected and function checked for performance.


These hot tub covers are 2.2m by 2.2m with a corner radius of 7″. It has built-in handles to make easier to move it. The thickness of the cover is 10cm and to make sure the lid fully covers the spa, there's a 14cm lip of the cover around all sides.


If you intend to close down your tub for the cold winter period, it's important to remove all the water from the pipework and pumps as well as from the tub itself because it can freeze in them, leading to major leaks.


This hot tub cover lifter will allow you to fold and slide the cover off very easily instead of removing the cover of your hot tub and having to lean it against a wall or on the floor, where it can become dirty and damaged easily. This cover lifter can be used for all our hot tubs.


The grey insulated spa protector shields your spa from any harsh elements whilst also assisting the insulating properties of the tub. The insulation ensures that your hot tub stays heated efficiently & potentially bringing down the cost of electricity bills.


These heavy duty hot tub steps made from a plastic-wood composite material, and you can choose the perfectly matched colour to suit our hot tub skirt panel choices as these steps are made for our hot tub range. These steps can be used for all our Hot Tub Master hot tubs.


This Premium Spa Starter Chemical Kit gives you stabilised chlorine, pH reducer and increaser, anti-foam, energize sachet, filter & cartridge cleaner, measuring spoons, spa care guide and test strips to get your tub up and running.


This Mini Spa Chemical Kit gives you everything you require to get your tub up and running, like stabilised chlorine, pH reducer and increaser, anti-foam, spa care guide for safe and effective water treatment and test strips to get your tub up and running.


To ensure you get the most out of your filter we recommend that you remove, clean and allow the filter to dry naturally every two weeks. We suggest having a spare filter with your tub so you have a “wash and a wear”, this makes the swapping and cleaning much simpler.

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