Hot Tub Warranty

With the purchase of one of our Hot Tub Master hot tubs, we provide a two-year shell, parts & labour warranty (With the purchase of a Hot Tub Master Halo Portable hot tub, we provide a one year parts only warranty) so that you can have the peace of mind that we’ll be there for you if in the unlikely event your hot tub was to experience any issues. We can assure you that we not only offer the best service when purchasing a hot tub, but also will provide you with highly reliant support in the rare and unfortunate event that you may require afterwards.

Warranty for Hot Tubs purchased from Hot Tub Master

The standard warranty relates to Hot Tub Masters’ Hot tubs that are purchased in the UK directly from

Shell Warranty – 2 Years

Hot Tub Master Limited warrants the shell against any water loss to the customer arising from structural fail for a period of 2 years. Not applicable to the Halo Portable hot tub

Shell Surface – 2 Years

Hot Tub Master limited warrants the hot tubs shelf surface against water loss to the customer, arising from defects in materials, including cracks, blisters, peeling and delamination for a period of 2 years. This also includes all parts and onsite labour that is necessary for repair. Not applicable to the Halo Portable hot tub

Other Spa Components – 2 Years

Hot Tub Master limited warrants all other spa components, including but not limited to LED lights, fuses, topside control unit, diverter caps, cover clips, and jet inserts against any malfunction arising from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 2 years to the customer. This includes any parts necessary for repair as well as labour cost. Not applicable to the Halo Portable hot tub

Cover Warranty

Hot Tub Master Limited warrants the spa cover to be free from defects in on material on the day of delivery as they are open to elements and/or chemical damage. Not applicable to the Halo Portable hot tub

Conditions of Warranty

All warranties apply to the original customer, at the original address that the spa was installed. Your limited warranty does not include the cost of shipping parts back to Hot Tub Master limited, or to an authorised repair agent for assessment. This warranty does not include costs incurred using non-authorised engineers. Customers must gain written consent from Hot Tub Master Limited before instructing any engineer not authorised by Hot Tub Master Limited. In all cases, Hot Tub Master Limited has the sole responsibility for determining the cause and nature of a fault. Hot Tub Master Limited determination is final. Hot Tub Master Limited reserve the right to provide a replacement spa of equivalent value if we deem it to be necessary. In such a circumstance, the customer shall be responsible for the cost of moving and installing the new spa into position.


The parts of this Hot Tub Master Limited warranty relating to the 2 years warranty on Electrical Equipment and Plumbing and Other Spa Components is valid only when the customer has returned the warranty validation certificate and a copy of the part P electrical installation certificate within 30 days of delivery and undertakes to have their hot tub serviced by a Hot Tub Master Limited engineer or approved sub-contractor after 12 months.


The customer must report any discovered fault to Hot Tub Master Limited within 10 days. A Hot Tub Master Limited representative will then diagnose and identify the fault over the phone and may suggest many different possible solutions for the customer to attempt to resolve the issue. If after these suggestions the fault hasn’t been resolved, Hot Tub Master Limited will send out an engineer. If the engineer determines that any fault is not covered under this warranty, the customer will be solely responsible for the cost of any parts and the engineer’s onsite labour charge.


All warranties hereunder are void if the spa has been subject to any chemical misuse or chemical imbalances, alterations or modifications not authorised buy Hot Tub Master Limited, attempts to repair the spa not authorised by Hot Tub Master Limited, incorrect use o the spa including but not limited to run the spa dry or filling the spa up incorrectly, electrical installation by a non-qualified electrician, ice in the spa, incorrect winter preparation, or commercial use. No part of the spa is warranted against chemical damage. This includes but is not limited to deposits of limescale on either the spa shell or in/on the spa components. Correct chemical use is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Spa covers are not warranted against chemical burns.

The spa shell and components are not covered against any defects that may occur because of the customer not using the cover while the spa is not in use.

This warranty does not cover damage arising from the use of unauthorised sanitisers such as trichlor, acids, calcium hypochlorite, social hypochlorite, peroxides, any sanitizing chemical that may remain undissolved on the spa surface.

Damage to headrest pillows reported beyond the day of delivery will not be covered under warranty. Headrest pillows are to be removed from the spa when not in use.


Hot Tub Master Limited will not be liable for loss of use of the spa, or any incidental expenses incurred because of the repair or replacement of the spa. This includes but is not limited to permanent decking or surrounding, flooring, any other fixtures, chemical loss, water loss or filter loss. Hot Tub Master limited will not be responsible for inadequate radio reception in relation to the spas entertainment system. Hot Tub Master Limited warranties are limited to the maximum amount of monies received from the customer with respect to the sale of the spa.

All Warranties

All warranties apply from the date the spa is delivered to the customer.

The full limited warranty is only valid if the customer returns the warranty registration form within 30 days of delivery. Your warrant validation form must be returned with a copy of your Part P electrical installation certificate if applicable to your spa.

If you happen to be having your hot tub delivered ahead of any electrical work being undertaken you must inform Hot Tub Master Limited of this.

When the electrical installation work has been undertaken and you have installed your hot tub, you must return the validation certificate with a copy of the Part P installation certificate within 30 days of the issuing of the part P certificate to validate this warranty.

PLEASE NOTE: With the purchase of a Hot Tub Master Halo Portable hot tub, we provide a one year parts only warranty